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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wenge & Marimekko

This was our dining room. Round tables are great because everybody practically faces each other. They're condusive for intimate conversation. We call ours the Wenge. This was our first purchase together as a couple. We fell in love with it because of its detailing and the fact that it stands on only 3 legs. The only draw back is that it only seats 6 - 7 comfortably. There's no extension which equates to smaller dinner parties :) Great for me in the clean-up department, but a bummer for my husband, who loves to entertain. Here's a shot of it in the limed honey version.

I added a lazy susan to the table because typically there are a lot of side dishes involved in Korean cuisines (more on me - I'm Korean!). The one that I wanted for the table was selling for $350 dollars. I got mine at Ikea and gave it a fresh spray of paint for $30.

On the wall is a Marimekko wall hanging. I chose this print because I wanted to bring a little of the outdoors in. I absolutely love the scale and organic design . And the best part of it all... can you believe that it was around $90 to purchase. Of course there was some sweat involved staple gunning it together. But I love it. I'll show you how I incorporated it into our new house shortly.


katie said...

my sister remodeled a home from the 80's. she handed down some globe light fixtures to me. i wasn't sure if they were cool or not. but since seeing them in your house i've gained confidence in them.
you have good style--post more!

antoinette said...

i really love your 3 legged "wenge". where did you get it please?

CeLee said...

i got the table through hd buttercup in los angeles. i first saw it at slater and marinoff in the bay area (www.slatermarinoff.com). the manufacturer is directions. the table cost about $1200. i do feel that if you like something, you need to splurge. :) hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find your Marimekko wall hanging? I haven't seen that one before and I really love it!

CeLee said...

i got the wall hanging from textile arts - store.txtlart.com. It's available for less than $100 :) Glad that you found it interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love the Wenge table. Where did you find the paint? I have some bathroom cabinets done in Wenge that need some spot painting.