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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Dressed Up

This is how the main living space turned out. As you can see, I have a penchant for bright colors.

The main source of light comes through the patio sliding doors and two bay windows. Unfortunately, our unit directly faced the apartment building next door. To create some privacy without compromising daylight, we added 3M ScotchTint film to our exterior windows. Basically, from the outside during the daytime, the film is reflective, and prying eyes cannot look inside. The film does not have much benefits during the evening, so we added two layers of sheer window treatments. Believe it or not, JC Penney is a jewel especially over any 3 day weekend when they invariably have their awesome home sales! I got the Lisette sheers for 8.99 a panel. The outer panels were purchased from the Great Indoors (also in Los Angeles). A little more pricer but worth it given the steal that we got at JC Penney!

We purchased our sofa from the Sofa Company down in Los Angeles. We customized ours to be 40" deep so that both of us can lounge together watching TV.


katie said...

i love it. nice job

vertigo said...

Curious if that's marimekko hanging over the sofa. if so, where did you get it?

CeLee said...

i got it at Textile Arts. It's the Kaivo in Cranberry. Should be roughly $90.

vertigo said...

gracias, thought you might say that. I guess I'm just going to have to break down and buy the one I want there also. I was holding out hope to find someone who by some miracle knew where to find marimekko fabrics at like half the price. oh, by the way fab sofa!

gettingsettled said...

hi, i wanted to ask you about your window tint. did you apply it yourself? thanks!