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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bundling Up

A friend of mine suggested that I should blog on my knowledge of down comforters. I'm certainly not an expert but here are some tips that I used to purchase our new fluffy comforter:

* Feathers vs. Down.
Absolutely go for down... white goose down, if you can! Siberian, Hungarian & Polish white goose down fills are top notch and mostly hypo-allergenic.

* Fill Power.
Fill power is a measure of the quality & warmth of the down. Higher fill power comforters have larger and stronger clusters of down (translation - more insulation). If you live in warmer climates, you probably don't need more than 550. For those in cooler climates, go for ones with 700 - 800.

* Weight. Fill weight tells you how heavy the comforter will be. This is not positively correlated with the actual quality. I prefer light weight comforters.

* Baffling/ Baffle Box.
This is an absolute must since it will help to keep the down in place.

After researching numerous comforters, I ended up selecting Laura Ashley's King Comforter. It features 700 fill power, 40 oz fill (which is lighter than most for a king size), baffling, a 660 threadcount cover, and the cost - only $154! My husband and I have been snug as a bug lately.

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BeachHouseBingo said...

Hi Celee,

I tried to click through to the Laura Ashley comforter link and I was informed that this product was no longer available. I know of another site that has very high quality down duvets and pillows, here is the link: ElegantLinensPC.com

They cost a little more, but it might be worth it to work with a company that specializes in luxury bedding because you know their products will be guaranteed, and their inventory more stable and reliable. And, you can talk to a person who knows about the product and is available if you have questions. Hope you get a chance to check it out.