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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Interior Design: Need for A Full Length Mirror

An immediate dilemma that my friend has is that she needs a floor length mirror somewhere on the lower level of her house. Since her floor plan is open, the only viable option is to neatly tuck the mirror at the base of her stairway. On the left is what her stairway looks like now with the console and hanging artwork.

Ikea is all about function. Their Garmo or Jondal mirrors are both under $50 and meet my friend's purpose. If she goes with this type of variety, I'd suggest to her that she places object for visual interest s such as a large decorative vase in the corner.
Another option is to select one that can double both as a mirror & artwork. Here are some options: mirror with bronze or wooden inlay .


soojee said...

I'm excited about the "function" aspect of the mirror downstairs since all of our mirrors are upstairs in the master. I'm leaning towards the simple functional ikea mirror, but also like the decorative mirror idea. "Mirror with bronze" option seems like it will satisfy both. what do you think?

pinkmohair said...

Love this bottom left mirror - must show Anna!

Rosemary said...

Mirrors are a great decorating ingredient. They can be used everywhere and for so many different purposes. Loved this post!