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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wave Bye-Bye to Dry Cleaning Bills!

I'm a little off topic, but I can't help raving about this product - Dry Cleaner's Secret! I just dry-cleaned 8 cashmere & wool sweaters at home for under $2. This is especially well suited for lightly cleaning and freshening up your clothes. I wouldn't recommend it for heavily stained clothing, but you be judge and read all its great reviews. This is a bargain hunter's dream!


kstyle said...

OOoh great find. I love cashmere but hate the cleaning issues. Can't wait to try. k

CeLee said...

It's much cheaper if you purchase it at Costco (~$15 for a pack of 14). No more spending $5+ per sweater at the cleaners! Happy savings!

kstyle said...

Costco is my second home. k