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Friday, April 28, 2017

Giving New Life One Spray At A Time

It's amazing what a simple coat of spray paint can do. This Ikea hand-me-down spent years neglected outside in the corner. When we renovated out deck, I wanted to throw it away but it was too heavy for me to scoot to the front of the house. How many of you know what I mean... particleboard 😤 ???

So, I decided to give it some 💗.

I went to Home Depot to pick my favorite colors of the rainbow. Rust-Oleum has now come out with a spray paint that is already mixed with a primer! Ta-Dah - one step of the process down! Priming is important b/c it establishes good base for your paint to adhere.

At home, I prepped the bookcase by giving it a proper scrub down with a little soap, water and a stiff brush. After the bookcase completely dried, I sandpapered the surface so that the spray paint would have something to stick to. Don't worry, once you apply your paint, the surface will look smooth.

Spray painting was a fun activity that involved my 7 year old daughter. She decided that the shelves should have a point of contrast - an orange pop. Great advice from her because the finished product looks FAB!

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