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Friday, March 16, 2007


My 2-Legged Wonder wasn't so much a wonder in real life. If you can imagine, the Calligaris piece actually had slanted legs (~45 degree angle)... so I'm back at the drawing board :(

But I did come across this wonderful console from Lago, an Italian design company. I love how it floats and hides all the mess behind its nifty flap. The only bummer is that this company really doesn't have a US presence.
Ay, caramba!


greengelato said...

yay for pushy little asians (as i am one myself). but i admit that i couldn't get myself to bargain down the table last night...i must be losing it. hehehe.

Di Overton said...

This is a stunning design. Great find

Julie said...

I love practical furniture. i wanted to share with you the pictures of my magical wedding night with you. Thank you for advised me to try to enjoy every minute of it, because it does go so quick.

Jennifer said...

I like this console better!

Furniture27 said...

Calligaris has great items. I am not sure if you have seen the Bend Buffet but it is wonderful as well. I blogged on it back in December.

Furniture27 said...


I forgot the link to the Bend Buffet.