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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interior Design: Master Bedroom Bed

It's been difficult to find time in my friend's busy schedule to continue on with this project! :(

But... finally...a decision has been made on the master bedroom bed. We have decided to go with the CB2's Mercury Bed - yay! The order has been placed, and we just need to wait for it to arrive.

Since price point is a key determining factor, the couple is considering purchasing a mattress from Ikea . My recommendation has been to spend some money on a good mattress. Thoughts?


mohairpink said...

I don't know about the quality of Ikea's mattresses but when a third of our lives are spent in bed, a good mattress is a must. Do they drive a Pinto? No? Well, do they spend 8 hours a day in their car? That's my point!

CeLee said...

well they live in LA and do spend quite a lot time driving. that justified buying a nice car :) so i agree with you completely... they will be spending more time in their bed than their not-so pinto car.

eric said...

a mattress is definitely a good thing to splurge on. don't let them skimp.

Anonymous said...

bad idea to buy ikea. the mattress is very important... no skimping!

Nicole Welch said...

I found this quote from Esquire Magazine's Brad Pitt interview:

"The Perfect Mattress
Don't spend a lot of money on a big, giant mattress with double padding on both sides and all that. Just go out and buy a normal firm mattress. Then go buy the three-inch Tempur-Pedic pad, the memory foam, and put it on top. I'm telling you, take my tip. It's the perfect pressure. I take full credit for the discovery. You will sleep in bliss forever more . . . unless you've got a six-week-old."

Soojee & Han said...

We ended up purchasing a serta mattress. (model pelican bay). It was very difficult to do price comparison since every store had different model names for the same mattress!!!! It was even harder to find a review. We gave up and bought it at the serta store. We probably overpaid.

janet said...

Hi there, I know this is from the archives but I'm wondering if your friend was happy with the bed? I'm thinking of ordering it but worried about the "acrylic" fabric seeming cheapy I guess? I wish I lived in Chicago or NYC and could visit a CB2 store to see it for myself.


beds and mattresses UK said...

If its quality and value you're after in a bed then may i suggest you check out bedstar. They are the UKs largest supplier of bargain beds and discounted mattresses

They also have an extensive knowledge base which offers advice on how to decorate and lay out your bedroom with the best nights sleep in mind

neue said...

Just out of interest how has the ikea mattress faired? I was tempted to buy one having bought the malm bed but instead opted for an ikea size compatible one from Click 4 Beds as you cant beat brand names :)