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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Organized Living

This is where the magic happens....my office! For this space, I was intent on not creating a wall of books. Instead, I wanted to blend in fun & colorful objects & boxes to serve as eye candy for my storage solution.

Originally, I was thinking of having custom cabinets installed until I realized that they cost more than $2 - 3,000! So, I opted for the next best thing for my budget ... Ikea! The bookshelves are the Billy, the shelves are the Jarpen (which I highly recommend because they can hold a ton of weight), and of course all the boxes are from there as well. I considered buying the Billy glass doors to hide the mess. But opted against dropping another $180 on the office.


** Terramia ** said...

I have a crush... isn't Billy great? (;
Looks very clean and chic... fab job!

rockmara said...

We book junkies need our shelves. And it looks both "intellectually impressive" and visually stunning. Go Ikea! Go CeLee!!

CeLee said...

thanks... love ikea... and billy!