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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Little More on "Me"

A couple weeks back, kstyle and Eline tagged me for a "me-me". Needless to say I've been procrastinating... but I'm taking the plunge today!

1) In high school I received the not the MVP but the MIP (“most improved player”) in volleyball three times in a row.

2) I’ve watched “Sixteen Candles” over 50 times and typed out the dialogue for my favorite scenes.

3) I love wine almost as much as I love finding a bargain.

4) I’m an aspiring gardener but have killed approximately 40% of my plants.

5) I can’t go to sleep without setting my coffeemaker. I can’t leave the house without making my bed.

6) If I could, I’d quit my day job and become a professional organizer. Labeling, boxing, and clearing away clutter give me a natural high!

Now I tag: Maryam, Nick, Danielle, and Rachelle.


Nick said...

hi celee! yes, i will totally join in on this me-me. once you tell me what it is?! i answer questions? all i know is i like the name ...

My Marrakech said...

Hi Celee! You wish you could quit your job and become a professional organizer?! Why don't I have those tendencies? Drats.

Thanks for tagging me! I have done this meme actually but it was 9 things about me. You can find it here. http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com/my_marrakesh/2006/10/i_have_been_tag.html#comments

PS Also, thanks for the link love. I am linking you back.

kstyle said...

Hi Celee,
Wish I had the organizing gene. k

LisaJay said...

the "Try a Little Tenderness" scene is among the best in cinema (in my humble chic-flick opinion).