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Monday, January 29, 2007

Get IT on eBay

I've been looking around for a rug for my living room - one that is more traditional with a pink hue. The other day, my friend suggested that I check out eBay.

Holy - moly... there are rugs galore for under $200! If you are just looking for a nice accent and can forgo on the tactile purchasing experience, you should check out eBay!

I pulled the trigger and got this one for $120 (including shipping). It's a 5x7 Turkisk rug that's hand made, double knotted (120 knots per square inch ... not bad) and has a pink hue (that'll compliment my Rothko quite nicely)! Once it arrives, I'll take some pics!


Rachelle said...

OMG I think I looked at the SAME rug! I've been searching for "old oriental rug," and "vintage oriental rug" with fantastic results. The prices are amazing!

jessica said...

looks like a good find.
very nice.

CeLee said...

i'm glad that we have the same taste rachelle :) hopefully it's as nice as it looks!

eric said...

that is a beautiful rug. congratulations.

CeLee said...

The rug arrived... I returned it ... unfortunately it was in really poor condition :( My hunt continues!